Hackers could crack your four-digit PIN code using smartphone sensors

Hackers are always trying to discover ways to exploit and crack smartphones specifically Android devices. Security researchers from Singapore have discovered a new algorithm that exposes a person’s passcode using data from six smartphone sensors.

Smartphone’s sensors could give hackers the passcode to crack your device. The researchers discovered that 99.5% of the time the method worked and their device got unlocked. They installed a custom application which collected the data from six sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, proximity sensor, barometer, and ambient light sensor) installed on an Android smartphone. They were able to pick the correct 4-digit PIN code for the device.

Researchers tried to guess the PIN code by collecting the data from three people, who each entered a random set of 70 four-digit pin numbers on a phone and then applied machine learning to the sequences in order to guess the pin code.

Users are recommended to have PIN numbers with more than four digits, linked with other authentication systems like one-time passwords, two-factor authentications, and fingerprint or facial recognition.

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