1337day Website Hacked By Rab3oun And X-Gun

1337day Website Hacked By Rab3oun And X-Gun

Famous website named 1337day .com has been hacked by hackers called Rab3oun and X-Gun. 1337day.com is also called as Inj3ct0r.

Inj3ct0r is a famous market place for hackers to share exploits and hacks

According to Inj3ct0r Twitter account, they first tweeted saying:

And later on they posted another tweet saying they got hacked

1337day.com is now defaced by two hackers named Ra3boun and X-Gun and leaving a message saying

This is not the first time they got their website hacked, in 2013 March 18 by SQL_master and Zombi3_Ma their website got hacked.  To stay updated on this article you can follow Inj3ct0r on Facebook and Twitter

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