18-Year-Old Miami High School Student Arrested for Changing Grades

18-Year-Old Miami High School Student Arrested for Changing Grades

According to  CBS, the youth changed not only his grades, but also the ones of other four students whom he had approached between the beginning of the year and February. Bautista was reported to the police by the school’s principal, who got a written confession from the student.

The teen has been charged with four counts related to offenses against intellectual property, and four counts of offenses against computer users.

He has been released on bond, but the judge has placed him under house arrest with a GPS monitor.

Bautista’s lawyer believes that his client shouldn’t face four counts because there’s “nothing specifically alleged as to the number of times this was allegedly done,”  WSVN reported.

It’s uncertain at this point what measures the school will take against the hacker and the other students whose grades he has changed.

It’s also unclear how Bautista managed to change the grades. However, based on previous incidents, he has either used a keylogger or a piece of malware to obtain a password, or found a vulnerability in the system that enabled him to gain unauthorized access to the website.

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