500 Gbps DDos Attack – The New Record

500 Gbps DDos Attack – The New Record

The world’s largest distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) has been clocked at 500 gigabits per second in accordance with the latest report by Arbor Networks. This attack was reported by a third party and is yet to be analysed.The largest attack reported by a respondent this year was 500Gbps, with other respondents reporting attacks of 450Gbps, 425Gbps, and 337Gbps”, the report says

300 Gbps was the previous largest DDos which was done by a British teen Seth Nolan-Mcdonagh who was arrested earlier after he knocked SpamHaus off the internet.

The network security outfit says DDoS attackers are more motivated by financial extortion than the hacktivism in the past years, launching more complex multi-vector simultaneous attacks against infrastructure, applications, and services.

The annual Arbor survey (PDF) gathered 354 responses from service providers, hosts and mobile service providers around the world in the 12 months to November last year.

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