Adobe Fined $1m For Failing To Protect It’s Users Personal Information

Adobe Fined $1m For Failing To Protect It’s Users Personal Information

Adobe fined for the massive 2013 data breach that saw around 38 million user credentials stolen and leaked online. The fine is payable to the over 500,000 residents of 15 US states. A total of $1m (£802,954, €932,863) was charged on Adobe for this massive data breach. Adobe has promised the 15 US states that it will strengthen security measures to prevent such security incidents from occurring in the future.

This million dollar fine is to penalize Adobe for not adopting reasonable security measures to protect its systems and personal information on them from an attack that originated at the public-facing server.

About the 2013 data breach:

The October 2013 breach saw hackers access the source code of Adobe’s Photoshop, Acrobat and Reader applications. An investigation into the security breach also revealed that usernames, passwords and encrypted credit card information of millions of users stolen and leaked online. Authorities allege that the attack was foreseeable and that Adobe failed to take the necessary steps to protect its customer’s data.

Businesses and governments “must do more” to ensure that sensitive and personal user data remain inaccessible to cybercriminals, according to North Carolina attorney general Roy Cooper.


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