AVAST Forum Hacked, User Passwords Being Reset

AVAST Forum Hacked, User Passwords Being Reset

According to softpedia Vince Steckler, CEO AVAST Software, confirmed the attack today and announced that the company decided to take the forum offline in order to continue work on resetting all user passwords in order to keep everyone protected.

Users will be asked to set new passwords when they log back in, Steckler explained, and everyone is recommended to change their passwords in case they’re using it on some other websites as well.

AVAST claims that only the forum was compromised and no other details have been accessed, which means that financial details or any payment information is completely safe.

As far as the stolen passwords are concerned, the security vendor explained that all of them were hashed, but an experienced thief could still decrypt them and thus gain access to user accounts. That’s why everyone will have to set a new password when the forums are back online.

At the same time, AVAST says that it doesn’t have any details right now as to how the attackers managed to break into the forums, but added that the new version, which will be soon online, will be based on a new platform that provides enhanced stability and security.

This is basically the second very important security breach of the month, after online retailer eBay asked users to change all their passwords as soon as possible due to a similar hack.

AVAST’s forum is still offline at the time of writing this article, but it’s expected to be brought back online in the next 24 hours.

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