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Azad Jammu and Kashmir Government Portal Hacked

Azad Jammu and Kashmir Government Portal Hacked

A Hacking group broken into the online portal of Azad Kashmir Government and proceeded to deface some of the pages and also extract the database with the login credentials.

Early this week, this incident occurred carried out in protest of the brutality of the government but the website continued to be in disarray until moments ago.A picture of Police Department’s defaced page is available now in online, as well as one for the government websites.This appers and gives hint that something is not right

The entire portal is affected by the attack conducted by Pak Cyber Eaglez (PCE) hacker collective. The pages offer access to the police, law, finance, health, industry, social welfare departments, and even to those related to schools and tourism.

Pak Cyber Eaglez managed to get their hands on the list of access credentials for the portal and dumped them on anonymous document publishing platform Pastebin.

At the moment the authorities suspended access to the portal and are trying to restore the original content, so many affected pages of the website shows the error “Server under maintenance” is delivered or the 404 HTTP error is displaced.

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