CRDA website hacked by group claiming ISIS ties

CRDA website hacked by group claiming ISIS ties

New Jersey Casino Reinvestment Development Authority’s official website got hacked last week on Sunday, 12th of April, 2015. The website was down for only few hours.

CRDA’s homepage was defaced (see the image below) and a black window was shown to everyone with the title “HACKED BY TEAM SYSTEM DZ”. The hacker’s statements clearly showed his support to the terrorist group ISIS.

“Islamic state will restore dignity for Muslims,” the post read. “Will purge the land of the Muslims from the hypocrites infidels.”

The hacked front page also included the statement “I love ISIS” and “I love jihad,” as well as abusive language aimed at the U.S. and Israel.

It’s still not clear when the hack happened. By the mid-morning, the website was UP and was again working fine.

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