Facebook Scam – New Snake Attack Video And More New Scams

Facebook Scam – New Snake Attack Video And More New Scams

Another attempt to make Facebook user believe scam, crooks started to circulate a fake post about a new snake attack, using an image with National Geographic’s logo to make the scam believable.This scam post will be circulated by our own friends as they have clicked or shared that video.

This make the users automatically sent scam posts to their respective friends/colleagues.When the user click the video the user will be taken to a location (crazyfun[.]pw/snake/) that impersonates a Facebook page.

Nothing in that particular location is real or true.The background of this location is likely the Facebook page, but it isn’t the Facebook page it is just to make users believe the false scam.

The comment image use by them claims that the video has been shared more the 15,000 times and had been liked by 6,089 Facebook users.Then the users have to complete a survey in order to watch the full video and by this chance the crooks get paid for each survey the users complete.The domain hosting the fake page seems to be used specifically for this sort of campaigns because it stores multiple scam pages.

That website location contains index which is of all scam facts and news, one of them was the image of a young girl to deliver the fake news of a roller coaster accident in Sydney, Australia; the same image is used for other tricks.Researchers also warned to users to be aware of scam posts and websites.

Users are requested to be aware of the new scam “Ice Bucket Challenge Fail Compilation”.

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