Google Hit With $100 Million Lawsuit Over 4chan – Celebrity Photo Leak

Google Hit With $100 Million Lawsuit Over 4chan – Celebrity Photo Leak

Google has been threatened with a $100 million (£62 million) lawsuit over the infamous “fappening” leaks of stolen nude celebrity photos, which first came to a head when the initial batch was posted up on 4chan just over a month ago.Celebs believe that the search engine didn’t take adequate measures to prevent people from viewing their photos after they were posted on 4Chan.

Marty Singer is the attorney hired by the group of celebs who became the victim of this hack attack in which their iCloud accounts were hacked in September.

The celebrities whose pictures were involved include Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Arianna Grande and Rihanna. The hack attack became possible when the attackers bombarded Apple’s storage service iCloud with random passwords till the time they hit the jackpot and gained access.

On the other hand, Google just removed some of the photographs from the index of its search engine. According to Hollywood Reporter, the reason behind Google’s slow and insufficient reaction was either due to its ‘selfie’ policy guidelines which state that whoever has the camera is the owner of the picture or that they just removed the nude photos.

Apple stated :

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