Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Fan Forum Suffers A Massive Data Breach

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Fan Forum Suffers A Massive Data Breach

A Grand Theft Auto Fan forum, where GTA players gather together to share mods, tools, images, clips, news and views has suffered a massive data breach recently. Login and personal data of more than 200,000 registered users has been stolen and left on a hacking forum for sale.

According to the MotherBoard report : The hacking forum where hackers dumped the data for sale has been shut down meanwhile the forum’s administrator Shawn Harkin claimed that the total amount of leaked accounts should be less than 197,000.

The stolen data includes usernames, salted passwords, IP addresses, DOB etc. The forum has also acknowledged the breach and posted a notice for affected users revealing that the platform was using an outdated version of vBulletin forum software which is in the news these days for critical security flaws allowing attackers to make large-scale data breaches.


EpicGames Forums and Dota2 forums also faced similar security breaches recently where hackers stole millions of login accounts. All this happened because both forums were using the same old and outdated version of vBulletin software.

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