Hacker Selling 1 Billion user accounts stolen from Chinese Internet Giants

Hacker Selling 1 Billion user accounts stolen from Chinese Internet Giants

Dark Web is the marketplace where people can buy anything from illegal weapons to drugs and many other products including digital goods. In the recent listing, a famous dark web vendor going by handle “DoubleFlag” is found selling data stolen from various Chinese Internet giants.

According to that listing, this data belongs to several companies like NetEase Inc and its subsidiaries 126.com, Tencent Holdings Limited owned QQ.com, 163.com and Yeah.net. TOM Group’s Tom.com 163.net, Sohu, Inc.’s Sohu.com and Letter Network Information Technology Co., Sina Corporation’s Sina.com.cn/Sina.com, Ltd owned eYou.com.

NetEase data

NetEase, Inc, a huge Chinese Internet technology company which provides various online services focusing on content, communications community and commerce. And 163.com is the official website of NetEase while 126.com is another popular Chinese email provider and subsidiary of NetEase. The hacker here is selling 1074,795,268 accounts stolen from 163.com, 143,725,840 accounts from 126.com, and 163.net, 91,239 from vip.163.com domain respectively.

NetEase’s Yeah.net data

Yeah.net is yet another domain owned by the NetEase providing email services to users. Although this domain is widely used for various phishing scams, the hacker here has now access to its 3,281,420 accounts all of which are now available for sale.

Tencent Holdings Limited’s QQ.com data

QQ is a famous instant messaging software service also recognized for providing a variety of services, including music, microblogging, voice chat, online social games, movies and shopping. The data available for sale belongs to their primary QQ.com domain and the total number of user accounts are 126,936,489 and 2.759.960 from vip.qq.com.

Is the ‘The Big Asian Leak’ data legit?

As we mentioned above, Experian categorically has denied that their servers were ever breached leaving a question mark about the listings uploaded by DoubleFlag. However, looking at his Feedback Ratings on the marketplace there hasn’t been a single negative rating of his 60+ successful sales.

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