Hackers Breached Nearly 6,000 e-Commerce Sites

Hackers Breached Nearly 6,000 e-Commerce Sites

Nearly 5,900 e-commerce sites has been breached by hackers and installed malware that steals victim’s credit card details, according to a security researcher.

According to Dutch security analyst Willem De Groot he said that, the hackers gained access to a store’s source code using various un-patched software flaws.

The stolen credit cards details are sold on the dark web for US$30 per card. De Groot scanned over 250,000 stores and found 3501 stores to be skimmed. Ten months later that figure rose to 5,9235. The victims vary from car makers, to fashion shops, pop starts to non-governmental organisations, such as the Science Museum.

“One reason that many hacks go unnoticed is the amount of effort spent on obfuscating the malware code,” he said. Earlier malware cases contained relatively readable JavaScript but in the last scan more sophisticated versions were discovered by De Groot.

He said that new cases could be stopped right away if store owners would upgrade their software regularly. “But this is costly and most merchants don’t bother,” said De Groot.


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