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Ice Bucket Challenge For Financial Gains – New Scam

Ice Bucket Challenge For Financial Gains – New Scam

Email and Facebook are now a means of transport of illegal scams and redirecting users to malware location. Because of its vast users, hackers make use of these and create traffic to specific websites.

USA Today reports 

Users have to complete a survey in order to see the video/images.Each survey the users complete, the crooks earn money.

Another new scams has also been spotted by the publication which involves phony charities set up by scammers to steal your charitable contributions. Unlike the scam attempts, which never deliver a video because their purpose is to get victims to complete online surveys or to access malicious locations serving malware, in these cases, the footage exists and is shown to the visitors.

It appears that the promoters of the videos are merely trying to drive traffic to their websites. Hoax-Slayer warns that the content in those locations may be misleading, as the pages contain a “confusing mix of sensationalized but genuine news stories and totally fabricated nonsense.”

As ice bucket challenge had become most trending, hackers started to start their  campaigns and spreading new scams all over Facebook and Email.Users are requested to be careful with unknown mails and scams on Facebook and Email.

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