Lizard Squad Hacked Into Lenovo’s Website

Lizard Squad Hacked Into Lenovo’s Website

Chinese computer and smartphone firm Lenovo Group Ltd said its website was hacked on Wednesday,after its second security blemish days after the US government advised consumers to remove software called “Superfish” pre-installed on its laptops.Hacking group Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for the hack on a Twitter account allegedly associated with the group. Lizard Squad, a loose collective reportedly composed of hackers based out of the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe.

In the Source code of the hacked webpage, description says,”The new and improved rebranded Lenovo website featuring Ryan King and Rory Andrew Godfrey” Rory Andrew Godfrey and Ryan King have been previously identified as members of Lizard Squad Hacking Group. It is not clear whether anyone of them is involved in the hack or it is quite possible that attacker is trying to expose the real identity of the hacking crew.

The attackers seem to have stolen Lenovo’s domain record, an attack that would have given them the power to redirect the site to a new server under their total control. The attack targets entirely external infrastructure.

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