Notepad++ got hacked again

Notepad++ got hacked again

Last time website got hacked on 12th January 2015, and today again it got hacked. Its only about 80 days old news that it got hacked and now again on 1st of April. At that time it was restored the same day, but this time it has not been fixed till now. It has been more than 4 hours displaying a funny webpage with the Karma Chameleon a song in the background. See the screenshot below.


If you are viewing this article late and then read the funny claims that hacker mentioned on the website Notepad.Plus.Plus Below.


From there demand, it’s clear that they hacked the website because it has bad security and they just put there useless claims on the website. Till now no information is there about the hacker or why they hacked it(apart from taking offence to them using a Chameleon as a logo). The website says that it is “HACKED BY CHAMELEON LIBERATION FRONT” but who knows what’s the real name.

From our personal testing, it would seem that the download have not been interfered with. This means that if you try to download notepad from an old link than you will be able to successfully download the Notepad++ with no virus. If still not satisfied, you can check either you are infected or not.

Whilst they hacked the homepage but they still provide a download link for people to download Notepad Plus Plus from the downloads subdomain. After clicking the download link, you get redirected to another link of the official website.


And that link displays Index of/ that directory as the image shows below. Here you can download notepad plus plus.


If it got hacked once, then twice,  it may get hacked again.

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