Pakistan People’s Party Site Hacked By “[email protected] [email protected]”

Pakistan People’s Party Site Hacked By “[email protected] [email protected]”

[email protected] [email protected]”claims to be the one behind the hacking and defacement of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) website earlier this month. [email protected] [email protected], the Indian hacker who says he is only 16 years old, pulled off one of the major hacking attacks in the massive cross-border website defacement activity earlier this month that saw over a dozen Indian and Pakistani websites hacked. On the defaced PPP website home page, he had left an email [email protected] [email protected] told TOI in an email exchange that he and a group of hackers work in tandem to hack and deface websites, mostly as a means of self expression

The news of a hacking or defacement activity is often quickly circulated through Facebook groups. In the recent attacks and counter attacks that took place in the Indo-Pak cyberspace by hackers from both sides of the border, the targets were varied. They included, among others, websites of Indian actor Mohanlal, singer Sonu Nigam, the Pakistan electricity board, a Lahore university institute, the Press Club of India.

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