Pakistani Police Website Hacked by Supporters of the Taliban

Pakistani Police Website Hacked by Supporters of the Taliban

Hacked by Anti [email protected] This site was hacked a victory for the Taliban (sic),” reads a message posted on the defaced Rawalpindi police website.

The message was accompanied by pictures of Al-Qaeda members and Taliban leaders.

Rawalpindi police representatives have told AFP that the attackers haven’t managed to gain access to any sensitive information. That’s because the website is mainly designed for public awareness campaigns and doesn’t host anything classified.

At the time of writing, the website has been taken down for maintenance.

In the meantime, Pakistani hackers breached another website belonging to Indian telecoms company BSNL. Hacktivists from Pakistan often target the company’s domains. This time they breached the intranet portal for the state of Haryana.

Payback for hacking Pak sites! And don’ mess with Pakistan else you will lose both your name and this game. Back off lamers from our cyber space. Everybody knows whose cyber space is more vulnerable. You will hack 1 we will hack thousands,” the hackers wrote.

The defacement page was removed by BSNL just as this post was being written. A mirror of the defacement is available on


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