Philippines Banks Fully Protected Against Heartbleed Bug, Windows XP Exploits

Philippines Banks Fully Protected Against Heartbleed Bug, Windows XP Exploits

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), which is the central bank body in the country, says in a statement that local banks are fully secure against the Heartbleed bug and Windows XP exploits.

As far as the latter is concerned, banks have already negotiated with Microsoft contracts to continue to receive updates until they complete the transition to a newer OS version or installed dedicated software to block exploits.

ATMs in the country are fully secure as well, the central bank explained, as their owners also tried to make sure that they’re all protected by implementing a number of measures supposed to block attacks until the transition to newer software is completed.

According to third-party stats, Windows XP is still holding a 26 percent market share worldwide, which is quite living proof that consumers are yet ready to give up on it.

However, today Microsoft issued a new warning for Windows XP users, saying that the old OS version won’t be receiving any other updates in the coming months, so those running it have basically no other option than to migrate. This month’s Patch Tuesday marked the first time when Windows XP did not receive any fixes since its launch and Microsoft said that nothing is going to chance in the upcoming update rollouts.

The problem is that some of the flaws found in the other Windows versions might also affect Windows XP, with hackers very likely to reverse the released patches in order to find a way to get into XP machines. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen how much time they need to find a critical flaw in Windows XP that Microsoft no longer wants to patch.

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