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Russian Hackers Targets “JPMorgan” Bank

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Russian Hackers Targets “JPMorgan” Bank

Hackers believed to be from Russia hacked the computer systems of JPMorgan and a second US back recently.Federal investigation is under progress, media reported.

Bloomberg said “Bloomberg said two people familiar with the probe confirmed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was examining the case to see if it is retaliation for US sanctions against Moscow over its support of Ukraine’s secessionist rebels“.

Still no idea about how much damage  the hackers caused neither what data they have stolen is still unknown. The hackers showed a high level of knowledge and skills to break through the security in banks’ systems.

A feat several security experts said, “It appeared far beyond the capability of ordinary criminal hackers”.Confusion between where the attack would have come either from criminals in Russia or eastern Europe.Investigators are also examining whether the online break-in is related to similar incidents involving European banks.

Sokesman J. Peter Donald in New York, said recently

JPMOrgan also informed the media,”We have multiple layers of defense to counteract any threats and constantly monitor fraud levels.”



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