Samsung Galaxy S8: First review

On April 13, Samsung Mobile presented a new flagship smartphone in Moscow in two versions: Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

All the main characteristics became known to the world even before the presentation of the product in New York: the Samsung Exynos 8895 chipset, 4 or 6 GB of RAM and protection from moisture and dust according to the IP68 standard. The most daring and desperate can grab a smartphone with them in the shower or take a bath, viewing photos and videos on a brand new smartphone.

The first thing that catches your eye when you see the S8 is, of course, a large frameless screen, called Infinity, the absence of a black “cellar” at the bottom of the smartphone and the special brightness of the colors that the Super AMOLED matrix provides. Most striking is the white-and-white background color, reminiscent of a snow-white sheet of paper, on which icons of applications are painted with bright colors.

The lack of a mechanical Home button does not cause discomfort to even avid users of older versions of the iPhone, who publish the usual click when going Home. Three touch diggers are located at the bottom of the display, in the usual place, and in the settings you can set the functions that they will perform.

The Galaxy S8 fits easily in the hand, but an unusual aspect ratio of 18.5: 9 plays its part: people with an average hand size will not be able to reach with their thumbs to the upper icons without changing the position of the smartphone in their hand. Galaxy S8 Plus – even larger version of the flagship – can also be easily taken in hand, but in the case of this phone, pressing all the necessary keys with one finger will be even more difficult. In addition, the smartphone has to hold from below the little finger, resulting in the smallest finger falls the biggest load.

Galaxy S8 received a battery for 3,250 mAh, and the S8 Plus – 3,600 mAh. Thus, the “older” version can be in the working mode up to 8 hours without recharging. The most important thing is that the device supports fast and wireless charging technologies. This allows you not to leave the phone charged for all night, stretching long wires around the chained bedside table. (After all, all modern users are sleeping next to the smartphone, right?).

Buy a new Samsung can be in three colors: black diamond, mystical amethyst, yellow topaz. All the colors look quite interesting, each of them is beautiful in its own way. However, the rear panel of the metallic is collected all the marks from the fingers so that it wants to be wiped all the time with special means or at least covered with a less-than-branded cover.

By the way, the fingerprint scanner is located on the back panel, which creates a certain complexity. The fact is that right in the middle of the back cover Galaxy S8 is located camera smartphone, but the biometric scanner is slightly to the right. For this reason “blindly” is quite difficult to get “finger in the sky” from the first time: most often the prints remain on the camera. In addition, the sensor often does not work the first time.

Continuing the theme of “easy and fast” unlocking the phone, it is necessary to mention other ways of identifying the user: unlocking with PIN code and graphic codes, recognizing the iris of the eye and recognizing the face by reading a unique geometry. First of all I want to note that if you are not insane on security and simply put a password of 4 digits, then after inserting it you need to press “Ok”, which significantly affects the speed of removing the block.

If you decide that the more ways of identification are included, the better, that is bad news. The smartphone can be unlocked using the owner’s photo, if the facial recognition feature is enabled. I must say that it is not so easy to do: in most cases, the system refuses to respond to the picture, but several times it was possible to remove the block with the help of the photo.

It is worth noting that the Galaxy S8 quite quickly recognizes the features of the owner and “reads” the retina of the eye, it takes a split second. At the same time, unlocking with the identification of the iris is perhaps the most useless option. In order for it to work, it is necessary to arrange the phone at a distance of about 25 cm from yourself and “get into” special stencils-mugs. All this takes time, and then, to take any action, you still have to take the mobile in hand.

The most important advantage of the new flagship Samsung can be called his camera. The main 12 megapixel camera with the proven DualPixel technology and optical stabilization allows you to make really impressive photos. Especially, its advantages are manifested in cases when it is necessary to take a picture in conditions of poor illumination or, for example, to capture an object that is in front of a light source. Such fashionable now photos of the night city, various lanterns and garlands are just perfect, which is exactly what the connoisseurs of beauty would like. In addition, manufacturers have built in the camera application very nice filters.

A front camera of 8 megapixels makes a good selfie. It, among other things, can even make the user more beautiful: align the skin tone, “enlarge” the eyes, “narrow” the face and even adjust the figure. So it’s enough to choose one from hundreds of taken pictures one, process it directly in the camera application – and you can upload it to the Web.

Among the cons of the smartphone I want to note that just a day of use, he managed to hang once for a long time while watching the video. The last thing you expect from a new device is that one day you will be alone with a brick that does not respond to pressing. Whether this problem will be solved with the following software updates or, conversely, the situation will only worsen – is unknown.

Summarizing, we can say that the phone may well be to the liking of the female user: it is beautiful, convenient and has all the basic functions of the flagship smartphone. In this case, it will be more practical to purchase a version of the Galaxy S8, since the S8 Plus is perhaps too large and “slippery”, because of what there is a danger of dropping an expensive gadget.

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