Security Breach Problems With MangaGamer

Security Breach Problems With MangaGamer

MangaGamer Alerts Customers of Security Breach,the company announced recently to all customers through their emails respectively, requesting them to change passwords, email address, username and personal information has an unknown individual gained unauthorized access to one of their databases.

No need to worry about the financial information from being stole as we have stored them in a different datatbase” said “MangaGamer”.The Netherlands-based company did not mention if any of the information was stored securely rather protected,We strongly recommend that you change your password on any sites or services which used the same password as your MangaGamer account“, advised the MangaGamer.

The unknown person reason for this issue has not yet tracked.Recent report says that they are working on to track the hacker.

In the meantime, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience made by us and this issue will be fixed soon and be running normal as before, gave hope the “MangaGamer” to its clients.

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