Spotify Warns Android Users to Upgrade App Following Hack

Spotify Warns Android Users to Upgrade App Following Hack

While the extent of the data breach may seem small compared to other attacks, Spotify says that it likes to take these kinds of things seriously.

According to the company, a single Spotify user’s data was accessed and the intruder didn’t even get to see the password, financial or payment information. The person has been informed of the issues, but Spotify continues its investigation. So far, the company hasn’t discovered any increased risk for users as a result of the incident.

Furthermore, Android app users will be invited to update their apps over the next few days. This means that if Spotify prompts you to upgrade your app, you should follow the instructions. As a reminder, Spotify doesn’t recommend installing Android apps from anywhere else than the Google Play store, Amazon Appstore or directly from the Spotify website.

iOS and Windows Phone users are safe so far, so they won’t need to take any further action.

The company has taken steps to strengthen its security systems in general and to protect user data.

It looks like Spotify is taking extra precautions with this limited data breach. Most likely, the recent problems reported by eBay, where 145 million users had their data accessed by hackers is making Spotify be extra careful these days, especially considering the backlash against the online marketplace.

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