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Super Cell got hacked!! 1.1 Million accounts stolen!! Clash of clans isn’t safe anymore

Super Cell got hacked!! 1.1 Million accounts stolen!! Clash of clans isn’t safe anymore

If you have a Supercell account then the time has come to change your password.If you don’t know supercell they are the creators of trending Games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach and HayDay.

It is said that 1.1 Million accounts are hacked and the hackers have even started to trade the information of the victims.

It should be noted that the hack affects the vBulletin forums belonging to Supercell, with the hack quite possibly relating to an unpatched critical vulnerability made public a number of months ago.

In words of Super Cell

It is said that the breach occurred last year in the time September however it was posted in the companies forums that users should change their password.

The hacked data consists of email ID’s , hashed passwords and IP address of the users if you are on a static IP the hacker might know your IP now.It is said that Supercell uses VBulletin Forums software which will hash passwords but the password hashes are aren’t strong.

A website named LeakBase claims that around the database of 1.1 Million user accounts all the data is verified by using the email address, A company called motherboard verified that data using the email address are included when they tried to create new accounts the forum is showing that the account already exits.

In the official statement, supercell stated that it will take these hacks very seriously and it ensures it’s users to follow strict security measures to ensure a good secure forum.

This isn’t the only company that got affected but many companies such as Epic Games, LifeBoat, GTA and Clash of Kings still use the same older versions of the VBulletin software.

It is recommended to our readers to use the different password for different online accounts.


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