Survey scams, YouTube Account Manager Warns Of Account Suspension

Survey scams, YouTube Account Manager Warns Of Account Suspension

YouTube users are now targeted by hackers, by sending them emails claiming and warning users about their account to be suspended .Complaints have been posted on Instagram and Google Groups, users expressing doubt about the legitimacy of the messages, which purport to come via YouTube’s communication system.

A fake message containing links that redirects to unknown location containing survey, these kind of survey scams are now found a lots and lots in Facebook.

The link in the email which directs to a website says, “Please complete the survey in order to recovery your YouTube account from being suspended“.The reason behind the hackers is that to earn money, each completion of survey helps them earn more and more.

Before the completion of survey, it also asks for the users phone number, through which smishing can be done. Smishing is a kind of Phishing attack which is carried through SMS.

Christopher Boyd of Malwarebytes suggest the users that, “The best way to check the status of the YouTube account is to contact YouTube directly“.

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