Two More Alleged Members of Anonymous Cambodia Arrested

Two More Alleged Members of Anonymous Cambodia Arrested

According to The Cambodia Daily, the suspects unsuccessfully attempted to exploit an SQL Injection vulnerability on the ACU’s website from their mobile phones. Later, they launched distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks, disrupting the site for around two hours.

The suspects have been taken in for questioning, but authorities say they’re confident they have enough evidence to demonstrate that they’re behind the attacks.

They are not the only alleged members of Anonymous Cambodia arrested recently. On April 7, two 21-year-old students were detained and charged for hacking government websites and stealing information.

Bun King Mongkolpanha, aka “Black Cyber” or “Machine,” and Chu Songheng, aka “Zoro,” were arrested after an eight-month investigation by local law enforcement and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Pahna reportedly admitted carrying out the cyberattacks, but Songheng claims he was only trying to learn about hacking.

The recent arrests haven’t discouraged Anonymous Cambodia. On the contrary, the hacktivists now seem more determined than ever. A couple of days ago, they released a video in which they threatened the Cambodian government

Several websites have been targeted since, including ones of the police and various ministries. While most of the sites have been targeted with DDOS attacks, the hacktivists also leaked some data allegedly stolen from the organizations’ databases.

The hackers claim to have breached the systems of Cellcard, one of the country’s largest mobile operators, and Cana Secrurities Ltd., a leading securities company owned by Canadia Bank. However, The Cambodia Daily reports that the representatives of both Cellcard and Canadia Bank are denying the hackers’ claims.

Cellcard says that the data leaked by the hacktivists is the same one published after an attack that took place in 2011. The company is confident that its systems have been properly secured since.

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