US, Europe shut down ‘dark’ sites

US, Europe shut down ‘dark’ sites

Police take down Dark Web markets around the globe. Police in 17 countries arrested at least 17 website administrators, vendors and cybercriminals as part of the operation that targeted cyber storefronts where vendors put illegal goods on display much like Amazon or eBay sell legal goods.

Silk Road 2.0 and 400 other sites believed to be selling illegal items including drugs and weapons have been shut down.Police also seized cash, bitcoin, drugs, gold and silver.

Six Britons were also arrested, including a 20-year-old man from Liverpool, a 19-year-old man from New Waltham, a 30 year-old-man from Cleethorpes and a man and woman, both aged 58, from Aberdovey, Wales.All were interviewed and bailed according to the National Crime Agency.

The sites hide from law enforcement on the “Dark Web” by using The Onion Router, or TOR, an underground computer network that relays cyber communications through at least three separate computers to disguise the Internet addresses of its users. Domain names for websites on the TOR network end with .onion.


These law enforcement notices appeared on the websites of ÒDark WebÓ marketplaces after the sites were seized by police.


In Britain, six people were arrested by police, including suspected web administrators of the online drug marketplace Silk Road 2.0 and vendors who sold illicit items on the Dark Web sites. Police also seized computer equipment.

The websites are “vital criminal infrastructures that are supporting serious organized crime,” Troels Oerting, assistant director of Europol’s European Cybercrime Center, said.

Posters on DeepDotWeb, an internet forum that focuses on the underground marketplaces, began noting a series of Dark Web shutdowns on Thursday.

Users who tried to access the sites found a legal notice from the U.S. Department of Justice, Homeland Security Investigations and European law enforcement agencies.

Forfeiture complaints and other documents filed in federal court in New York included a list of some of the seized “Dark Markets.” Among them are “Pandora,” “Blue Sky,” “Hydra” and “Cloud Nine,” which are similar to Silk Road 2.0 and offered a range of illegal goods and services such as drugs, stolen credit card data, counterfeit money and fake IDs.

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