Website and Twitter Account of British National Party Hacked

Website and Twitter Account of British National Party Hacked

The hacktivist posted several anti-government messages, and sent out offensive tweets to members of the British Parliament and other users. The BNP opposes immigration, but the hacker altered the profile’s description to read, “BNP, the pro-immigration party.

When asked about his motives, the attacker said that the BNP’s Twitter account was a random target, and even offered to hand it over to another user. He has clarified that he is not from the United Kingdom.

It’s uncertain at this point if the BNP has locked out the hacker from the account. The BNP published some messages this morning, but all of the hacker’s tweets are still present on the feed.

In addition to hijacking the Twitter account, the hacker has also defaced a subdomain on the political party’s official website. At the time of writing, the subdomain displays a picture of a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask sitting at a computer, along with the message “Hacked by Anon_0x03, [Expletive] the Government!

While the online resources of the British National Party might have been a random target for this hacker, the organization is exactly of the kind that would be targeted by hacktivists, particularly ones from Asia.

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