WhatsApp Says The ‘Backdoor’ Claim Is Just Bogus

WhatsApp Says The ‘Backdoor’ Claim Is Just Bogus

Recently the allegations of WhatsApp having a backdoor that is used for third-party snooping went viral on social media platforms. Now all these allegations are shot down by WhatsApp, which called the allegations false.

On last Friday, news outlet from The Guardian reported that a cryptography researcher found a backdoor in WhatsApp’s messaging service which could “allow Facebook and others to intercept and read the encrypted messages.”

In a short statement, WhatsApp said the claim was not true:

The Guardian report included the research by Tobias Boelter who is a cryptography and security researcher at University of California, Berkeley. Last April, Tobias took these findings to WhatsApp and published a report that what he posted could be either a backdoor or a flaw in WhatsApp’s messaging platform. Tobias Boelter later said The Guardian that the “backdoor” gave WhatsApp ability to read messages because of the way the company has implemented its end-to-end encryption protocol. Reporters quoted Kirstie Ball, co-director and founder of the Centre for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy who verified Boelter’s research and stated the “backdoor” made WhatsApp an “an extremely insecure platform.”

The Guardian explains Boelter’s alleged backdoor like this:


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