Zero-Day Bug in Mac Allows Hackers to install Malware

Zero-Day Bug in Mac Allows Hackers to install Malware

Recently a new Java update was launched by Apple for Mac users for fixing some issues. Out of which Zero Day bug was one of the big bug which was continuously used by hackers from the past two weeks. This vulnerability allows attackers to install root kit malware in their PC. Using this, hackers can modify the working of the operating system of Mac.

This Bug was found by OS X security researcher Pedro Vilaca. This bug allowed him to fully exploit the Mac. He was able to completely reflash the OS and can also access the working of Mac OS.

This bug is found in the sleep mode of Mac OS. Attackers found a way to inject backdoor easily in the memory division which gave some access control to the users of Mac and easily access and modify their operating system. This vulnerability is actually triggered on MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Pro 8.2 and a MacBook Air, and all of these have the latest version of OS in their Mac.

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There is still no patch available to this bug, as it is a Zero-Day bug which is not easy to fix. Apple has not still responded to this bug, so it may take more time than required to fix this bug and bring a patch for this bug.

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